Sarah Johnston

A techie librarian.


ISBN Delimiting

Have you heard about the new subfield q in the 020 field? No, where have you been?? It's fabulous because we can finally pull out the garbage very important information cluttering up the ISBN number in subfield a and pop it into its own field. I've written a script to automate this cleanup in our catalog and over the next few months we can process our records and reap the benefits of proper ISBN data.

OCLC Developer House

Had a blast at OCLC's Developer House in December! Worked on a project to pull WorldCat Discovery data into VuFind via their new API. Should be useful as we plan our next upgrade to VuFind.

Responsive Library Pages

Most of the site is functioning well, but the research portal section needs work.

OCLC/WorldCat Holdings Project

Does everyone know about OCLC's awesome web services? I was delighted to find that you can now set and delete your library's holdings using their WorldCat Metadata API. My library has long wanted to clean up our holdings (especially since we discovered some inconsistencies in vendor-added holdings, so I whipped up a Perl script to first delete and then re-add our holdings. We hope the result will be lots more accuracy for WorldCat users and interlibrary loan.

LibGuides v2

This summer we upgraded to the new version of LibGuides. I'm pretty happy with it so far. It's much easier to customize the HTML and CSS than it was before, so the site now actually looks like it belongs with the rest of our library website content. Still figuring out a few things, and waiting on some improvements from SpringShare.

LMS Task Force

This year I am chairing the task force that will choose our consortium's next library management system. We've been talking about this for years. Now, thanks to a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation, it's really happening!


I've been continuing to work on VuFind and we're excited to upgrade to v2 (our hosting company has been short a developer, so project has been on hold for a while). I'm working on figuring out ways to improve known-item searching, pull in authority records, and use enhanced data for specialized collections to improve search and discovery.

St. Olaf Library website

Still refining our new site and looking at analytics and usability studies to find blind spots.

Strategic Planning Group

Officially turned in our report on the future of discoverability!